Art by Savannah

Magikarp Hat. By request @ Etsy.

Please note: I do not take requests for these anymore via Etsy. I only sell them via eBay auction (starting at $85 plus shipping) due in insatiable demand. I will announce on Facebook and Tumblr when new auctions go live. My current plan is to add 1-2 more for sale sometime in February 2014.


Edit 11/7/2013

auction for my Magikarp Hat is live! This is the last Magikarp Hat I will auction off before the holidays! The auction will run for 10 days (ends Nov 17, 2013 06:22:21 PST). Happy bidding!

Magikarp Hat Auction:

EDIT 10/7/13

Hi everyone. I am planning to auction 1-2 Magikarp Hats on eBay in early November. This will be the last chance to purchase the hat from me before the holiday season. I will announce here on Tumblr and on my Facebook page when the listings go live!

EDIT 7/1/13

My Magikarp Hat auctions are now live. They’ll be going for the next 10 days. Happy bidding!



EDIT 6/29/13

I am planning to photograph and list auctions for 1 shiny Magikarp Hat and 1 regular-colored Magikarp Hat on Monday July 1, so heads up! My eBay username is nannerz05. I will update this listing and my Facebook page when the auctions go live.

Also, I am planning to list three made-to-order Magikarp Hats in my Etsy shop in July. They will be $85 plus shipping. I’m raising the price slightly to account for the long production time of each hat (approximately 8 hours) and the material costs. I will also post on Tumblr when those listings go live.

Thanks again for all the love!
♥ Savannah

EDIT 5/16/13

In May, I released three made-to-order hats in my shop and auctioned off two on eBay, one shiny and one normal colored. The Etsy listings sold out within 20 minutes; and the Shiny Magikarp Hat auction ended at $230.50, and the regular Magikarp Hat auction ended at $212.50.

In June I will auction two Magikarp Hats on eBay again, but I won’t be adding more Etsy listings until July. My queue is getting a little unruly due to the long production time on Magikarp Hats and other large orders. I’m currently working to lower my production time below 12 weeks.

I will announce here on Tumblr and on my Facebook page when the June auctions go live.

Thanks again for all the love!

EDIT 5/2/13
I have listed TWO 10-day auctions on eBay and will momentarily THREE Magikarp Hat listings on Etsy. (Update: Etsy listings are sold out!)

eBay (Normal colored)
eBay (SHINY)

EDIT 4/8/13

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be releasing a small quantity of Magikarp Hats in May. I will post three listings in my Etsy shop for made-to-order hats. These will be added to my queue upon payment clearing and are estimated to take 8 weeks to produce. They will cost $70 plus shipping ($5 US, $10 Cananda, $14 everywhere else; includes insurance). I will also be posting two listings on eBay for completed, ready-to-ship hats. One will be normal colored, and one will be the shiny version. This should allow people who miss out on the Etsy listings to duke it out auction-style for the hats. I will announce on my Facebook page and my Tumblr when the listings go live. If this works out well, I will continue to do this in coming months. Again, thank you all so much for the overwhelming support you’ve given me and my craft!

I’m not taking any more orders for these hats at this time. I am working through my queue and switching over to keeping inventory. I’m guessing the hats will be available in small quantities in about 3 months (mid-May), but they won’t be mass-produced. Each hat takes several hours to create, and I don’t want to get burned out on them!

Thank you all for the overwhelming support!!!

♥ Savannah

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