Art by Savannah

I finished up my large crocheted Rhino, Rosie, yesterday! She’s constructed of 41 crocheted African Flower motifs. I worked on her slowly over the last several months.

Specifications: 22” long, 10” tall, Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable worsted weight acrylic yarn in Candied colorway, C 2.75mm hook, 15 mm safety eyes.

Pictured outside with Helena and Pip, African flower hippos. Pictured inside with all of the African Flower animals I’ve made to date: Pip (smallest hippo), Yuki (horse), Helena (medium hippo), Horatio (largest hippo), and Maya (photobombing cat).

You can find out more information about the hippos here:

If you’re crochet-savvy and interested in making your own rhino (or other African Flower animals), the pattern is available for purchase from HeidiBears on Ravelry. She has graciously granted permission to sell items made from her patterns; if you are interested in commissioning something like this, please contact me via Etsy.

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